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Smart Trades provides long and short term forecasts for stocks, stock indexes, metals, energy, interest rates, commodities, and more. We do mechanical systems research, classic technical analysis, pattern, fractal and Elliott Wave research. Smart Trades also provides trading tutorials, real time trading and market commentary backed by over 40 years of trading and analysis experience.


Recently we have posted over one hundred analysis videos on YouTube. Feel free to review our analysis there. Here are links to some excerpts from our recent newsletters as well:  Smart Trades Update 5.30.11 and  Smart Trades Update 7.2.11

Here are some specific examples of our work:

On April 25, 2010 we called for a potential S&P peak near 1222-1223. The actual peak was at 1219.80 on April 26th. On May 10, 2010 I was looking for 1275 in the S&P followed by a correction to about 1030 or lasting 3-5 months. The actual high was 1273.57 on May 13th, followed by lows several lows between 1010-1040 into July-August of 2010.

More recently, on May 30, 2011, we suggested the stock market was forming a sideways triangle pattern.  Here's how it's worked out into July 5th . On July 2nd I said: "A rally to 1358 or so would be perfectly symmetrical with "C" down". That rally peaked at 1356.48.

I also watch individual stocks. In my newsletter circa 6.16.11 I suggested Apple's corrective decline targeted 315, and in my 6.22.11 update I said "The decline from 365 looks corrective. New highs are favored (365 and higher)..."

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